Legal – Consolidation – Change management


You need someone who knows well your activity and your specificities to assist you when negotiating new agreements ?

Writing and reviewing agreements, support in the discussion with the partners in a constructive mode, with or without a lawyer : Goods or services supply (as a customer or a supplier) including performance clause, warranties, deadlines,

example of an assignment : You have a Polish supplier : checking the balance of the agreement, taking into account protective clauses, negotiation with the partner : duration of 2 to 8 days depending of the complexity and value of the agreement


You just acquired a company and need to publish your 1st consolidated accounts ?

  • Identification and booking of adjustment or write-offs
  • Construction of your consolidated accounts

 Change management – Project management

You have decided to change one of your key softwares, to dematerialize your invoices (incoming – outgoing) or to reorganize your teams ?

You are looking for someone who will coordinate all the parties involved in your project, and will ensure that the deadlines, budget and objectives are respected ?

  • Project of implementation of shared services on accounting and administrative functions, including an ERP : identification of the processes to be centralized, of the processes remaining locally within accounting, treasury management, purchase and sales departments ; definition of procedures with the teams involved
  • Project on dematerialization of invoices, identifying the internal and external impacts (on suppliers and customers), taking into account the need to communicate on the project

example of an assignment : Project manager during all the duration of the project, between ½ and 2 days a week