Risk management and Audit

Internal Control – Internal Audit

Do you want to make sure that your assets are safe and that there is no possible fraud ?

Analysis of the level of internal control in your company by reviewing its procedures (discussions, descriptions) and by testing their correct implementation which allows to detect the loopholes ; proposal of corrective actions :

  • Processes analyzed : Sales / Purchases / Bank / Inventory / Fixed assets
  • Sites : headquarters, industrial plants, including in foreign countries
  • Environment : growth, new acquisition, profitability issues of an activity, fraud suspected

Audit of the organization and the operational targets : are they consistent ?

Audit of a new acquisition to understand better its procedures and to raise it to the required level and align with your procedures and culture

example of an assignment : Audit of your procedures, identification of the risks related to an insufficient internal control and proposals to improve the situation ; duration of 2 days minimum, depending of the size of the company and the number of sites


Ethics – Deontology

Do you want to define clearly your values and processes and make sure it is widely understood and implemented by your teams ?

Definition with you of the appropriate rules, presentation and training of you team ; themes can include :

  • Conflict of interest : possible collusion with suppliers or customers
  • Gifts, fraud, respect of environment and laws
  • Behavior with competitors

example of an assignment : Definition with you of rules on the behavior to have with contacts / prospects / customers ; presentation and training of the commercial team on them